Bursting with the promise of adventure, Walnutte is luxury scarves to nourish your spirit.

Like its namesake, Walnutte is more than meets the eye. Our logo, depicting a cross-section of the nut, reminds us to look beneath the surface and appreciate the life within.

Beauty can be found in every moment if we open ourselves to the possibilities and choose to dream in colour.

Inside Walnutte

At our design studio in Vancouver, Canada, we collaborate with internationally renowned artists to bring art to your wardrobe. Walnutte luxury scarves are inspired by our love of life and travel. Our experiences abroad are a strong influence on our designs.

At Walnutte, we continue to scour the globe to bring the finest luxury fabrics to our discerning customers. Our luxury scarves are lovingly created using techniques refined over centuries and handed down by master artisans in the world's silk hubs. Only 500 pieces of each design are ever printed for our limited edition collections.

We design for you, the chic and sophisticated woman. Your vibrant personality and quick wit are complemented by an understated elegance. You appreciate quality and value, and you invest in your wardrobe as a way to express yourself and share your inner joy.

A message from our Creative Director

Born, raised, and residing in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, a city known for diversity, I can’t help but be inspired by the mosaic of cultures and the delicate balance of energy and tranquility. In my personal and professional life, I’ve been influenced greatly by the idea that we are all capable of bringing beauty to life and sharing it with others.

As my personal style continues to evolve, scarves have become a signature piece. I love bold, vibrant colours that make a statement.  I love lush textures that entice you to hold them close. I love how the right colours and textures can transform not only an outfit but our entire mood, our perception of ourselves and of life.

Fashion is a tool that helps us communicate our feelings and intentions. When I wear a Walnutte scarf, I feel strong, empowered, and ready to take on the world, and I want to share that feeling with women around the world.